Aerial Photography Services

Aerial Photography ServicesAirwest Helicopters is AZ’s number one choice for any aerial photography missions. With thousands of hours of just aerial photography experience and tens of thousands of total flight time our pilots bring serious experience to the table. Our service quality, efficiency, and experience will far surpass any other operator in the Phoenix Valley. Other operators, such as flight schools, use low-time pilots who have little or no aerial photo experience and are “learning on the job.” This causes delays and wastes time equaling more expense to you the customer. As a result, their ability to efficiently execute an aerial photo flight is greatly reduced due to their lack of experience. Our employee’s have learned the entire Phoenix Metropolitan area by reference to cross-streets alone. Our familiarity with the rest of the state, along with the Phoenix valley, comes from our years of experience that other low-time instructor pilots just don’t have. Your time is valuable and it will not be wasted when you fly with Airwest.

On top of our great experience and knowledge, we provide great prices. Most aerial photographers work off of tight budgets. Time is money and that’s why our Enstrom helicopters are the perfect fit. With a low hourly cost and huge and spacious cabin work area, the Enstrom is a solid choice. Please Contact Us for scheduling and pricing.


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