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Airwest Charter ServicesAirwest Helicopters can help you with all of your aviation needs. Whether it’s an airplane trip to the Grand Canyon or a scenic flight in a Helicopter, we’ve got you covered. Helicopters are a great way to show investors real estate or cover areas that are spread out while avoiding the hassles of traffic. As a part 135 charter operator, Airwest Helicopters is certified by the FAA to conduct point to point operations. Whether it’s for business, sporting events, vacation destinations, real-estate, sight-seeing, or any other charter request you may have. Let Airwest take the hassle out of travel and turn it into time spent productively. Airwest takes care of all flight logistics and any off airport landing permission requirements so there is no extra hassle for you.

Airwest provides a variety of aircraft that are available for charter

Airplane Charter ServicesAirplane: Save time and money when flying with Airwest! We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction. No long wait at airports and you control the departure times and locations to fly to. This convenient method of traveling also frees you of the airport restrictions you face with the airlines. By bringing you closer to your destination you will save time and money. Contact Airwest for aircraft availability and prices.
Cessna 414 = 7 passenger, multi-engine with speed and safety. Corporate interior provides spacious seating with a pressurized air-conditioned climate control system. This fast airplane can fly to anywhere in California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico from Glendale, AZ within 2 hours. No more long waits in airport lines or delayed flights. You can even pack all the shampoo you want.
Cirrus SR-20 = 3 passenger airplane in a spacious leather interior. Climate control systems provide a comfortable cabin temperature and a composite design that allows for fast travel. Nearly every corner of AZ can be flown to within an hour. Cirrus Airplanes have been applauded for their innovative safety technology, featuring an emergency parachute deployment system. This deploys a packaged parachute stored inside the airframe of the hull gliding an airplane safely back down. This feature is one of many displays of how Airwest believes in safety first.
Helicpoter Charter ServicesHelicopters: Make a grand entrance when arriving in a helicopter! They are a great way to get the “bird’s eye view” of things, save time traveling, or viewing beautiful landscape in Arizona. This unique aerial advantage can be a powerful business or personal experience, one that will not be soon forgotten.
Bell Longranger = 6 passenger helicopter that cruises at 125 mph, air conditioning available on some models. This helicopter is powered by a Jet Turbine engine that provides the highest standard of safety, reliability, and capability. This helicopter is widely used with agencies such as the BLM and USFS because of its ample payload, durability, safety record, and capability. The Longranger is great for small groups when you need to land off-airport or fly low and slow to allow you to get a good view of things.
Bell Jetranger = One of the most widely used helicopters in the industry. This versatile machine carries up to 4 passengers at speeds up to 120 mph. A more economical solution without sacrificing capability and performance, it has a service range of up to 330 miles nonstop and is considered the workhorse of the industry.
Enstrom Falcon = This small helicopter is a master of illusions. Though it appears small its robust build has the heart of a lion. As a 2 passenger ship it is the perfect solution for local sightseeing flights, aerial photography, and filming with a handheld camera. Don’t let its size fool you, this bird is the safest small helicopter and has the record to prove it. Enstrom helicopters have never had a main rotor failure… Ever! You can trust in this ship to carry you safely, efficiently, and in an exhilarating way!
A Charter is easy to set up, makes life more efficient and enjoyable, and provides a smooth and safe environment for everyone to enjoy. What is your time worth? Our charters are cost effective and make dollar sense when you compare the numbers. If you would like to schedule a charter flight or would like more information please Contact Us.

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