Fire Services

Aerial Fire ServicesAirwest Helicopters is the primary resource for agencies such as USFS and BLM in Arizona. Our company has been working closely with these agencies since day one. Our pilots and staff are carded by the OAS to perform duties such as long-line, fire suppression, and aerial ignition with ping-pong devices and heli-torch.

Helicopter Forest Fire FightingOur fleet of helicopters and airplanes consist of Bell 206BIII Jetranger, Bell 206L4 Longranger, Bell UH-1H Huey for water bucket and long-line missions, and a Cessna 414 for any air attack needs. Airwest is accustomed to serving an agency for extended periods of time on initial attack contracts or on a call when needed sortie. Airwest is the best at what we do and pride ourselves as being team players. With our professional staff; we work hard, and always give 110% to the job.

Helicopter Fire FightingPlease Contact Us for more information and ship availability.

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